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Footcare for the elderly

As an elderly patient it is important that you pay special attention to your feet with regards to foot hygiene; the cutting of nails, the types of socks, hosiery and stockings worn along with the types of shoes nad other matters concerning the feet.


Wash your feet regularly, ideally each day, in warm water – not too hot or too cold. An ordinary mild baby soap is an ideal choice to use.

RInse the skin well and gently pat dry around and between the toes with a soft towel or tissue. You may sometimes find that a little surgical spirit is useful.

Corns & Calluses

Your nails should be tended to on a regular basis. The nails of the elderly can be quite thick and therefore it can make self-treatment a bit more awkward. Nails should be cut making sure that you follow the length and the shape of the toe, so as to minimise damage to the nail during regrowth. Never probe the nail groove or any part of the nail.

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Washing & Drying Your Feet

It is most important that calluses and corns, or any other similar foot condition, are treated by a qualified Foot Practitioner.


General Do’s and Don’ts

Avoid extreme heat, particularly in the bath. Bath water should be comfortable and should not exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit (ideally tested with a thermometer rather than an arm or foot!). As you may know, people have different reactions to extremes of temperature that they may not have experienced when younger.

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