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Keep your shoes clear of infections

Micro-organisms that live inside your footwear can be a major cause of foot infection and odour problems, which is why you want them removed as quickly as possible.


We can offer you Klenz, which can eradicate almost all of the micro-organisms in your shoes.

How does Klenz work?

By using nano silver and ozone technology which are incredibly strong sterilising agents, we are able to locate and remove bacteria, fungi and other problems for your shoes with a minimum amount of fuss.

Suffering from athletes foot?

Even washing your shoes at 40C will not get rid of all of the organisms, however Klenz will sanitise every millimetre of your shoes in only 8 minutes, helping you to avoid various foot infections.

Why choose Klenz?

- Eradicates shoe micro-organisms

- Nano silver and ozone technology

- Works in only 8 minutes

- Sanitises every part of the shoe

- Slows the deterioration of footwear

- Reduces odour

Want to rid your shoes of their odour?


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