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Looking for pain free treatment?

If you're suffering from pain or swelling in your feet then you may want to see how our laser treatments can help you. From verrucae to discoloured nails, our laser treatments can assist your healing.


For more information about our laser treatments, please book an appointment today.

Not sure what laser therapy is?

By employing low power or "soft" laser light we are able to aid the natural healing process of your body and help your feet get back in working order. All of our equipment is fully tested and is safe to use.

Want a regular session?

By directly treating the damaged tissue with appropriate laser treatments we are able to handle a variety of problems. Depending on your issue our consultants will recommend a minimum number of treatments.

Need to book a laser treatment?


Our laser therapy can treat:

- Morton's neuromas

- Plantar fasciitis

- Tendonitis

- Discoloured nails

- Phantom pain

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