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Struggling to cut your own nails?

We can provide you with an experienced and reliable nail trimming service that can manage your nail care

safely and professionally.


Our equipment & expertise enables us to deal with a range of nail conditions with

compassion & professionalism.

Like your nails cut regularly?

You can pop down to our clinic at any time to have your nails cut and we are happy to set up a weekly or monthly nail cutting appointment. We can also deal with one-off requirements too.

Can't reach your nails?

Our nail trimming is aimed at clients who are unable to reach their feet due to body problems, have arthritis or suffer from other conditions. If you have any questions please call us today.

We offer nail care for:

- Sufferers of back injury, hip problems,

  general stiffness or pregnancy

- Thickened unmanageable nails

- Loss of or impaired eyesight

- Arthritis or weakness in the hands

Want a one-off nail trimming service?

Call us on

1803 866 897

or for home visits

01803 400292