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Our foot care service

We offer a wide range of treatments including:

  • Nail Deformities

  • Nail & Fungal Infections

  • Athletes Foot

  • Corn & Callus Treatments

  • Bunion Care

  • In-growing Toenails

  • Poor Circulation

  • Verruca & Wart Treatment.

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We offer Cryo-Therapy for verruca & wart treatment, which gives unparalleled freezing power combined with total accuracy and precision.

It does not require any anaesthesia and offers the minimum of discomfort.


If you have poor circulation, book yourself in for a lower limb vascular assessment.

If you are Diabetic, we have a comprehensive 12 point risk assessment to ensure that you are not putting yourself at any risk.

We can also provide orthotic treatment for fallen arches, heel pain and lower back pain too, which is both affordable and effective.

Our fantastic shoe sterilising service – Klenz, reduces the risk of infection and re-infection whilst reducing odours and bacteria.

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