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Have you got a verruca?

Verrucae are warty growths, which occur on the soles or toes of your feet and can be contracted in a number of communal areas, such as swimming baths and changing rooms.


They cause painful and unsightly areas which are resistant to over the counter treatments.

Organise treatment

Verrucae are very contagious, and if you're unlucky enough to have caught one, precautions should be taken not to walk around barefoot anywhere. To get it removed, please call us today.

How do we treat a verruca?

Once you have been examined and we have done our diagnosis, we will provide you with an effective verruca treatment that will deal with the issue quickly and effectively.

We offer:

- Verruca treatments

- Singe and cluster verrucae

- Expert diagnosis

- Free advice

Need your verruca removed?


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