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What to Expect

The points below detail what you can expect to happen during a consultation. .

Detailed Medical History

During your first consultation, we will ask questions about your medical history. We may also use a digital camera to take photos of your feet to provide a record of before, during & after.


At the start of the consultation, the current health of your feet will be assessed. This covers several aspects including Skin & Nail Condition, Vascular, Orthopaedic and Neurological. The skin and nail condition is examined for the presence of infections and other problems such as deformities, corns and calluses.

The vascular assessment considers the blood supply to your feet and examines indicators such as temperature, colour and pulse. The orthopaedic assessment considers aspects such as suppleness and range of motion within the joints, stance and gait and finally Neurological assessment looks at the reflexes and sense of touch for your feet.



After considering your comments and following the assessments, a diagnosis will be made. The required treatment will be explained and agreed between both parties. Advice can also be given to improve the foot health and prevent other problems too.


All treatment will be monitored and recorded.

Foot Massage

At the end of the consultation, as foot massage is given. This has numerous benefits including relaxing the foot; improves blood supply and circulation and also helps with lymphatic drainage too. A suitable massage cream is applied to improve hydration of the skin.

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